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Music is about emotion. I try to express the feeling that music gives me by using motion and colors. Emotions can be grasped in the simplest geometric shapes or movements. All the way back to just being represented by colors. I can make a cool futuristic blue atmosphere or a hot and wet sensual atmosphere.


                               In order to create a great visual

                               experience I must connect with the

                               music. And with music you can only

                               connect to it, if you like it. So here is a

                               list of genres that I can VJ for:






Genres I will perform to:

Kizomba (My new passion!)




90's Euro Dance

Swing Beat



Hip Hop

Trip Hop / Jungle


Dubstep / Trap

Drum 'N Base

UK Garage

2 Step


Jazz (Popular)

Classical (Movie music)

Lana del Rey (Yes she is in a genre of her own)



Real      Time


About the technology

Revaro VJ Software uses State of the Art real time 3D graphics using Unreal Engine's leading 3D game technology. Together with high resolution real time equalizer analysis, the software allows for real time audio interaction. The software can easily distinguish multiple frequencies, such as the bass, the vocals

and the snare. This gives unprecedented

immersion with the music. Where other

VJ-software gives you a sense of

detachment, Revaro VJ Software gives

a heart to the music and makes it come





What is the Revaro Experience

The 3D environment is set-up similar to 3D games. It is controlled as a first person game and even uses a controller for input. The audience litterally walks through the music. This also means that between levels there are "load-times" (only in the visuals, the music keeps playing). This might seem like a step back from non-interrupted music avalanches of the modern club nights. But actually this is a key signature of the VJ Software. Music really builds up with an intro and outro and the experience becomes much more narrative. The dynamic experience of silence and high volume audio also makes the effective impact much greater. Plus it puts the human scale back in the evening and even giving the audience a chance to re-arm for the next wave or interact with each other, possibly that nice looking girl that is standing next to them!  


Playback modes

Revaro VJ Software can playback audio in the following ways:

  1. Audio is connected externally via the microphone jack of the PC. The audio can be played back via the audio output jack or directly via the external sound system, so that the microphone jack is only used so that the VJ Software can analyse the sound signal.

  2. Songs on the harddisk of the PC can be selected from within each level. Audio is output via the audio-jack.

  3. Each level has a pre-saved song within the level that can be played back by a simple command. The song is configured with scripted events to generate a video-clip kind of storyboard with highly synchronized events. Audio is output via the audio-jack.

Real      Time

Main Act
Video clips
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